Individuals and families in need are assisted through a social welfare system. The types and amounts of welfare programmes that are accessible to people and families vary by nation, state, and region. The social welfare system offers support to people and families through a variety of initiatives, including health care. housing help, child care assistance, and an anti-unemployment programme .
Family allowance Benefits
Work Injury Compensation

We at the Pratima Foundation Trust are aware that many people require social assistance, and we are prepared to offer our services to those in the neighborhood who may run into trouble or require assistance. Our fundamental concept is to do everything in our power to ensure that no one is neglected or left unhealed. For further information, contact us using our booking form. We offer a variety of services to individuals in need.

We want to help as many individuals as we can as a socially conscious service provider. To do this, we go to great lengths to guarantee that our personnel is properly trained and offers assistance through worthwhile endeavors that will enhance the lives of those in need and enable them to better themselves. For individuals who also want to provide social services, we promote volunteering. We are also open to collaborating with anyone who would like to contribute in ways other than through physical participation.

Pratima Foundation Trust has designed several volunteering models to enable individuals get involved in community despite their time constraints. Volunteering is made easy as it caters to the individual’s interests and convenience, time availability and location.

Weekend Volunteering: Spare a few hours on weekends. This is ideal for professionals and college students.

Weekday Volunteering: Give few hours for 2-3 days during the week. This is suitable for housewives and retirees.

Humanity Vacation: Volunteer every day for 1 month or more. Typically, college students serve during their semester breaks.

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