When we give cheerfully
& Accept Gratefully,
Offer worth support to poor people with your contribution & help them come out from financially worst situations
Become A mentor & Take Leading
Step In Donation Program
Raise substantial fund and start bringing fun in underprivileged children’s life by offering a support to get shelter and food
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Leading Non Profit Organization in Odisha

Pratima foundation is a non-profit registered organization. The organization operates in many regions of Odisha in the domains of education, public health, social welfare, environment, and entrepreneurship. Pratima Foundation collaborates with society to bring about constructive change.

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Help is Our Main Goal

The Pratima Foundation works in numerous areas of Odisha in the fields of business, social welfare, public health, and education. The Pratima Foundation works with society to effect positive change.

Pratima Foundation is a non-religious, non-political, and non-governmental organisation in Odisha that seeks to improve lives by offering better work and education. The Pratima Foundation assists underprivileged children in reaching their full potential and empowers communities to become self-sufficient. In addition to wanting to educate disadvantaged children and influence national development, Pratima Foundation also wants to focus on empowering women. Therefore, Pratima Foundation was created as a sponsorship support programme that enables people to take part and help the livelihood and education of underprivileged children and women in India. It raises money for community development projects through individual kid sponsorship.

We are Awesome Volunteer Team

The Pratima Foundation has created a number of volunteer models to encourage people to participate in volunteer work.

Pratima Foundation (Trust) has registered with the NGO DARPAN site, which is provided by the NITI AAYOG in collaboration with the National Information Center, in order to promote improved accountability, transparency, and collaboration between the public and private sectors.


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