Public Health

Public Health

For our craftsmen, health is a constant and ongoing concern, especially when they don’t have enough money to cover their own and their families’ medical expenses. Through its free health clinics that offer routine exams and medications, Pratima Foundation Trust expands its services to assist the health of the disadvantaged rural people. 300 persons benefited from the health centers in 2017.

People can extend their healthy years by taking steps to prevent health problems. Instead of concentrating on personal health, it is varied and considers the health of the entire population. In the case of a pandemic, the public may span many continents and can range in size from a few individuals to a whole town or city. The idea of health encompasses mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. As a result, it is not just the absence of illness or disability, and more recently, it is a resource for daily life, according to the World Health Organization.

Public health is crucial because it increases and prolongs life. Over 100 people have benefited from the introduction of eye examination clinics by Pratima Foundation Trust in addition to the health centres. Many people have had their cataracts repaired in conjunction with affiliated hospitals.

Pratima Foundation Trust has designed several volunteering models to enable individuals get involved in community despite their time constraints. Volunteering is made easy as it caters to the individual’s interests and convenience, time availability and location.

Weekend Volunteering: Spare a few hours on weekends. This is ideal for professionals and college students.

Weekday Volunteering: Give few hours for 2-3 days during the week. This is suitable for housewives and retirees.

Humanity Vacation: Volunteer every day for 1 month or more. Typically, college students serve during their semester breaks.

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