A better life can be attained through both education and other ways. It is a transition from the dark to the light. People who lack education become trapped in intergenerational cycles of poverty and backwardness. Seven decades have passed since India’s independence, but the country has yet to reach a literacy rate of more than 90%. Both the State and Central governments should place the highest priority on ensuring that all children in India receive high-quality education. In order to include a growing number of youngsters in their educational programmes , the various departments of the Indian government frequently sponsor charities.
Curricular Activities

For many kids, education is their ticket out of poverty. It offers individuals a chance to acquire the information and abilities necessary to enhance their lives. Children who miss school because their families depend on them to work become mired in a cycle of poverty as a result. Regardless of their caste, creed, or religion, we concentrate on the education of underprivileged children who are not receiving a quality education in rural areas. They will be able to follow the road of development if the quality of education rises.

India is a huge country in terms of both geography and population, thus the government cannot educate all children on its own. 17.7 million youngsters in India are still not attending school. Numerous kids leave school before they finish eighth grade, and the retention rate in schools is still dismal. Education for females is in much worse shape because of the persistent belief in Indian society that girls shouldn’t pursue an education because they will eventually be married off. To ensure that the advantages of education reach the lowest social strata in such a situation, the role of civil society becomes even more crucial. NGOs that we represent have been working at the sheer grass root levels to extend education to underprivileged children in india .

Pratima Foundation Trust has designed several volunteering models to enable individuals get involved in community despite their time constraints. Volunteering is made easy as it caters to the individual’s interests and convenience, time availability and location.

Weekend Volunteering: Spare a few hours on weekends. This is ideal for professionals and college students.

Weekday Volunteering: Give few hours for 2-3 days during the week. This is suitable for housewives and retirees.

Humanity Vacation: Volunteer every day for 1 month or more. Typically, college students serve during their semester breaks.

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